Guido Wigert

Managing Director

Claudia Grichting

Health and Work Safety

Dangerous Goods Instructor

Bleon Asani

Commercial Apprentice

Reto Zogg

Head of Independant Validation

Gino De Santis


Susann Sack

Dangerous Goods Specialist

Patricia Caramanico


Our office team is complemented by some ten freelancers, who provide specialist support in the various fields.


Who we are


Rhenus Group is a global logistics service company with a turnover of € 4.2 billion. Rhenus has business locations at more than 460 locations worldwide and employs 25,000 people.



Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics, Port Logistics and Public Transport - manage complex supply chains and provide a wealth of innovative value-added services.




Aviasecure AG


Fracht Ost

P.O. Box

CH-8058 Zurich Airport



T +41 (0)58 856 95 90

F +41 (0)58 856 95 18




The office of Aviasecure is located at Zurich Airport, Fracht Ost, 2nd floor, Office F2-743.

Aviasecure AG

Fracht Ost, P.O. Box, CH-8058 Zurich Airport

T +41 (0)58 856 95 90